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Autoresponder Software

Install autoresponders on your websites. This full featured auto-response message system sends follow-up emails and newsletters to your websites customers, subscribers, visitors, and email lists.

Full featured autoresponder C-Panel: Write or enter pre-written, schedule, outgoing email messages. Auto subscriber signup forms for web pages. imports, exports, sends emails to any size lists.

With one low cost autoresponder software you can install autoresponders on as many websites, web pages you want. Includes AR how-to guides, manuals, reports, step-by-step install user guide.


Email Autoresponder can do the job of sending follow up email messages to your customers and subscribers automatically.

Whether you're starting a new business or have been in one for years, if you're not following up with your prospects, you're not getting the most profits out of your advertising dollars.

Most people don't buy or respond to an offer after the first
Research shows that around 75% of internet sales
are closed after the fifth email message that you send them.

You can use this Autoresponder software and AR-email message guides, manuals, reports, to help convert your leads into sales.

This low cost easy to use follow-up message response
installs on your websites. It delivers instant information
to your visitors, customers, signups, and then follows-up with
them automatically day or night...continuously.

With an autoresponder, you can build your subscriber lists and develop unlimited outgoing follow-up messages that will help to boost your sales. Without having the high fees or cost of a
monthly service or other autoresponder software.

You get the same features but it costs alot less. This automatic follow-up message system is easy to install, set up, and use.

Here are the features and what this autoresponder can do:

No monthly fees - Pay only once and then you own it.

Easy to follow installation and user instructions.

Customer Support at:

Use on any number of websites. You can put our autoresponder software to work for you.

Send unlimited Number of Follow-up messages. You can send  them everyday.

There is no limit on the number of subscribers you can have in the autoresponders accounts.

Will work for you 24-7 managing the messages you send to your; subscribers, prospects, and lists.

Fast delivery - over 595 emails per minute.

Evenly wraps letters, words, and lines in the outgoing messages.

Customization - you can send email messages with the names and addresses from your autoresponders signups.

"You can set-up a thank you page after your websites visitors have signed up through the web page signup forms.

Outgoing messages can have an attachment of any kind of file.

You can manually remove any addresses. Your subscribers can also remove their address using a Link that's in every autoresponder message.

Once an address has been used, it will not accept the same address if used in signing up again.

The admin control panel is where you set up your autoresponders follow-up messages.

Imports and exports addresses from all of your signups. A sign-up form is automatically generated from each of the autoresponders on your websites.

A follow up message is sent to you each time someone signs up to one of your sign up forms. It will list the addreess and IP address of your new signups.

You will receive a report every time a follow-up is sent to your new subscribers and You will always know what your autoresponder is doing.

Minimum system requirements

  • Webhost/Server: Unix Operating System (linux/FreeBSD).

  • Perl5 Interpreter (standard on  unix machines)

  • SendMail (standard on unix machines)

  • Works without CRON jobs

  • Your PC/OS can be: Windows, Mac, Unix,

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Autoresponder report #1:
"Autoresponder Magic"
($21.95 Value)

These are some of the most powerful follow-up
autoresponder email messages ever produced.

Here's some of what you
will learn how to do...

  • Convert trial users to paying customers.
  • Multi-part training courses that force people to reach for their credit cards.
  • Win over hesitant prospects to become motivated buyers.
  • Special reports that ring up sales.
  • And lots more…
Autoresponder report #2:"Million
Dollar Emails"
($21.95 Value)

Phenominal! Million Dollar Emails covers so much it's truly amazing. From how to collect email addresses to sending a series of follow-up messages to your autoresponders subscribers. Everything about using an autoresponder in internet business is covered in this valuable over 200 page report!

The compelling and intrigueing information alone contained within these pages can be very valuable to your online success and even more valuable if you apply these proven techniques to all of your websites.

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high cost of other autoresponders.

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